Friday, June 29, 2018

Upcoming Content: Gothic Doll Tutorial (with UPDATE)

This post is mostly an inspirational post for an upcoming video that I will be creating for the Gothic Mommy Youtube Channel. If you are interested in seeing how I turn a normal "Barbie" doll into a lovely Gothic Doll, stay tuned for the post with the tutorial video, or subscribe to the Gothic Mommy Youtube Channel:

The inspiration above is to turn a regular "Barbie" style doll into a Gothic version, by changing the doll's hair color, adding more gothic makeup, adding gothic style accessories, and creating gothic clothing for the doll. This should be a very affordable project, and I look forward to the outcome! (This is my first time trying my hand at changing a doll)!

We have moved back to Tulsa from Kansas, so life is going to be a little bit different than it has been. I look forward to starting new adventures, and having more opportunities to film and create content for The Gothic Mommy. I will soon be uploading a short video series about our moving experience, as well as, a home tour. I hope to start putting out more regular content, so look forward to that as well! Thank you all for your patience!! 


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