Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday Funday: Social on the Square & Car Show

On Saturday, we went to the Lyons All School Reunion Social on the Square and Car Show, which was part of their "all-school reunion" but was open to the whole town. They didn't have much of a carnival type thing going on like I thought they would, but they did have a little game with prizes for the kiddos. Which they let Lilith win twice. Then we got shaved ice from this cute little shaved ice place, and went shopping at the local thrift store. It was a good day overall!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Series Saturday: Dream Vacay Spot #4 - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

I've wanted to visit New Orleans ever since I first read an Anne Rice novel. I only wanted to go more when I learned of VooDoo, and became fond of drinking for fun. I would love to see the architecture, visit the museums, enjoy the nightlife, and see spots from Anne Rice's novels. I know that the food must be heavenly, and as a foodie, I think I would die of delight. It would indeed be a very do-able and grand vacation! I would definitely rather go in the cooler part of the year though!

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