Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Funday: Tulsa Pride 2017

Yesterday (06/03/2016), we went to Tulsa for the Tulsa Pride Festival and Parade. It was a cloudy drive to Tulsa with spotty showers, and by the time we got to Tulsa it had mostly cleared up. This caused a really muggy day for the event. It was however a lot of fun! We got to see some old friends, and made lots of new friends! Although we did not get the greatest view of the parade, it was still quite enjoyable! Pretty bummed out that we had to come back to Kansas and missed the picnic in the park, but maybe next year! 

On the way to Tulsa.

The main stage. 

Lilith listening to the music. I let her out and she danced (she loves dancing). 

Cloud continued to roll past, but this didn't last long! :)

Mr. Trey (my Husband) & our Ms. Lil.

It was definitely hot!

Our not so great view of the parade. 

Lilith posing for a selfie before making some new friends. 

Sorry I didn't get very many good shots.. Maybe I'll have better equipment next year (and not take a kiddo... she ran off at one point and scared the poop out of me)!

Photo of the crowd, courtesy of my husband:


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