Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Funday: Kanopolis Drive-In

Friday night when I got home from work, my husband suggested we go to the "local" drive-in theatre. So, we loaded in the car, grabbed some snacks and drinks from the store, and made the 30 minute drive out to Kanopolis, Kansas. They were showing Cars 3 and Baby Boss (which I really wanted to see), as they always show family friendly movies. We got there early, anticipating that the sun would go down much sooner than it did. We were there for nearly 2 hours before the show started, but it was a good thing, because we got a fairly good view of the screen. It only cost us $8 per adult, and they gave our change back in two dollar bills, it was a nice touch!

We set up our chairs outside the car and enjoyed some snacks from the concessions, and Lilith played in the rocks (that girl loooves  rocks). Finally the sun started to go behind the horizon, and it became a little chilly, so we got back in the car, and finally the movie started. We were there till nearly 1:30 in the morning, but it was totally worth it! Both movies were cute, and it was a really great start to a pretty good weekend! We will definitely be going again!

View on the way there. Definitely more hills this direction than where we live!

The town has quite a few old buildings, maybe we'll take a trip just to check them all out sometime. 

Enjoying the ride!

Mr. Trey patiently waiting for the sun to go down. XD

Definitely the men's room. lol

Definitely needed some ice cream!

It was pretty good!

Getting closer!


Then it finally started!! I wasn't expecting them to have their own little opening clip! They totally used old concession stand video during the intermission. Super rad!

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