Friday, June 23, 2017

Fashion Friday: Trying Pink?

Sooo, I've really been into pink lately. It started when I saw a few super cute pink things on Pinterest. So, I started a board to pin all of my pink things in, thinking that it wouldn't fill up. However, it became an obsession and I haven't been able to get pink pretties out of my mind. I'm under the impression that it is becoming my new favorite color next to black (as is obvious by design change on this blog). Now I've started thinking about having all pink outfits, and pink accessories of every type. I'm actually very positive about the fact that I will soon have one or two of these outfits, so I wanted to share these three outfits I came up with:




If you are interested in my pink items I found, they are on my pink wishlist on Amazon:
Ariah's Pink Wishlist
(A lot of the items are not currently available, so you will have to click on the item to see the pink version!)

And if you would like to see my Pink Pinterest board, here is the link:
Ariah's Pink Pin Board

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