Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tarot Tuesday: Seven of Swords

Todays tarot card of the week is the Seven of Swords. This Seven of Swords is from the Night Sun Tarot Deck (currently my only deck). This card traditionally symbolizes the thief, and here it might contain the same connotation. Looking into the card you can see that the knight is sitting with his legs crossed in a common meditation pose, his back to the rocks, his seven swords spread out in front of him. The swords are pointed out in a display of protection. He stares into the orb held in his left hand, as though scrying, or perhaps so as to not let it out of his sight.

To me this card symbolized a need for constant vigilance this week. So as to protect myself from theft.. perhaps physical, but perhaps (and probably most likely) theft of intellectual property or of praise due to me. I will definitely need to keep my guard up!

Hope everyone has a good week!


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