Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Funday: Mother's Day Celebration

Yesterday, my mother and I took a little road trip to celebrate Mother's day. I had scheduled an hour long mother-daughter massage as a gift for her birthday/mother's day, and we also decided to have lunch with margaritas! It was a super fun, awesome day!

We had too much fun, and I forgot to take photos, so here are some downloaded photos from the internet from the places we went (links to credit for photos at bottom of post):

Bohemia Healing Spa is where we had our massages, and was super amazing! The bohemian vibe definitely comes across, and the place felt very warm and inviting. The room for our massage was small and cozy, with a dim ambiance lighting and a really comforting smell and music. The therapists definitely know what they are doing, and an hour could have gone on forever, but ended up seeming too short (it definitely was an hour though, I checked! lol). I would definitely recommend 10/10!

For lunch we decided to go to Margarita's, which I had been to as a kid, but definitely hadn't been to in over 11 years. I remembered the place as soon as we stepped inside, and immediately felt at home! Other than the building being a little chilly, it was a really good experience!

We ordered margaritas, of course; my mom got peach, and I got strawberry! They were definitely good! Just strong enough, but also sweet and delicious! (We got frozen, not on the rocks though!)

And for our lunch, we both wanted to order the same thing, so we decided to share! Sour cream enchiladas with grilled tilapia! It was suuuuuper delicious! (I've actually decided that this is where I would like to go for my birthday next year!)

Anyways, it was definitely a great day spent with my mom! And in the evening I got to cuddle with my super cute little daughter! Great mother's day weekend! 

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