Sunday, July 10, 2016

America's Independence Day 2016

This year was Lilith's first Independence Day celebration. She was born only 5 days later, so she just barely missed it last year (she was "due" on the 3rd of July); but this year we got to celebrate with her. We had some typical 4th of July holiday food at my mom's house (hot dogs, baked beans, and chips), then went to buy some fireworks. In our city it's actually illegal to shoot them off without a permit, so we just got some fountains and sparklers. As soon as it was dark enough, the country club across from our neighborhood started their huge fireworks show, which lasted at least half an hour (it's a pretty long one, in my opinion). Lilith loved the big fireworks from a distance, but when we set off the fountains (within a safe distance, but much closer than the big ones) she didn't like it as much and clung to me. She did think the sparklers were pretty, but since she was scared by the fountains, she didn't try grabbing for it luckily! All in all, it was a really great Independence Day weekend (even though my husband had to work). Here are some photos from that day (none of me due to heat - no makeup. lol):