Monday, June 6, 2016

Traveling with Baby

So, I believe I have posted about this before, but I wanted to do another version of this, since we have taken a longer trip together (and Lilith is older now).

I wanted to write about going on a trip with Lilith (and her cousin) that took over 14 hours in it's longest part. We went to South Dakota for my father's wedding, which was a 2 hour drive to OKC (where my sister's family lives), then a four hour drive to Kansas (where my Nana owns a motel), and finally a 14 hour (plus) drive to South Dakota where the wedding was (and where my father and his new wife live).  Then we had to do it all in reverse to get home. The main things I want to point out in this blog are the things that were helpful to keeping the babies satisfied for the trip, things we could have done better, and things you should keep in mind when planning a trip of this scale with babies in tow.

1. Things we did to help keep the babies satisfied for the trip:

  • An adult sat in the back with the babies for the whole trip (except when it was just me and Lilith driving to OKC) - this allowed problems the babies were experiencing, to be solved. 
  • We made sure to pack plenty of snacks - crackers, cheerios, and other similar items. 
  • We made sure to pack plenty of toys - small items that don't take up too much room in the carseat, and allow more variety to be packed. 
  • Stoping! - This was very important to keeping the kiddos happy. We stopped about every 2 hours (sometimes less or more, but average). Diaper changes, proper feedings, and just to stretch.. This was good for us adults too!

2. Things we could have done better:

  • Lining the carseats would have made cleaning up after the trip easier!
  • Bringing a portable movie player, would have been supppper helpful when the babies were just too cranky (they did pretty good, but towards the end of the day they would be super fussy)!
  • This one isn't our problem, but that of businesses... probably about 90% of places we stopped at, didn't have changing tables, so we had to change the babies on the floor or in the car. 
  • Bring plenty of baby powder! Lilith got a pretty bad diaper rash on the trip back, and this could have been avoided, had I brought baby powder (cornstarch based). (I didn't have a small enough bottle of it to pack, and the Auquiphor brand rash cream didn't help at all. Once we got home and I put the baby powder in her diaper, it cleared right up!)

3. Things you should keep in mind, when planning a similar trip:

  • Be sure you plan out plenty of time for stops, babies need to stop a lot, especially when they won't sleep in the car!
  • Be sure the vehicle you're taking can accommodate the amount of baby stuff you will need to bring (we rented a mid-size SUV for three adults and two babies). 
  • If there won't be an adult riding in the back with the baby(ies), definitely consider bringing a portable movie device to help occupy them!
  • Make sure you have plenty of snacks and diapers, or plenty of money to buy more!
  • Plan out well in advance!
Hope this is helpful to someone! :)

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