Friday, June 17, 2016

Nail Designs for June 2016

So, I don't usually paint my nails very often, as it's hard for them to dry completely without getting messed up (having a baby makes that so much worse). But I decided to try a design for my toe nails, and add a little paint to my fingers. Here is what I came up with:

Toe Nails
This design was based off of a photo I pinned on Pinterest. Here is the link:

Polishes Used:
• Base Coat (L.A. Colors)
• Rapid Dry Top Coat (L.A. Colors)
• Black (ICE)
• Silver Glitter (Hard Candy)
• White (L.A. Colors)
• Red (L.A. Colors)
• Black Striper (L.A. Colors - Art Decor)

Step 1 - Paint on the base coat over all toe nails. Once that dries, paint the little toe nails black, and big toe nails white. I put three coats on all nails.

Step 2 - Once those coats are completely dry, paint black stripes on big toe nails, and silver glittery on the second toe nails. I had to do four coats of the silver glitter (definitely would use a different polish for that next time - still didn't get the desired affect).

Step 3 - Once those coats are completely dry, paint red hearts over the stripes, use as many coats as you want to get your desired affect (I left them slightly transparent). After that is COMPLETELY DRY add the Rapid Dry top coat (this polish usually runs the colors together if the design isn't completely dry). 

Finger Nails

Polishes Used:
• Base Coat (L.A. Colors)
• Rapid Dry Top Coat (L.A. Colors)
• Black (ICE)
• AP Shimmer - A purply glittery, awesome color! (Blackheart Beauty - Hot Topic)

Paint on base coat. Once that's dry add black to whichever nails you want, and pick one nail to use the purple on. Go one coat at a time, allowing it to dry in between coats (this helps the nail polish set better - but of course I got impatient with mine). 
After all is good and dry, paint on the Rapid Dry top coat. 

Close up of the AP Shimmer - such a pretty color, this photo doesn't even do it justice! If you see it somewhere, I would definitely recommend buying it! :)

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