Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bat Series: Evening Bat

The evening bat, or Nycticeius humeralis, is a very common bat in southeastern United States, parts of Canada, and even Mexico. Considered to be a "true forest bat", these bats are hardly ever found in caves, and primarily form colonies in hollowed out trees or loose bark (occasionally in a building). They weigh around 7-15 grams, and have a wingspan of around 11 inches. The bats have been known to migrate as far as 547 km during the winter, and store up extra fat for the trip (however the patterns of migration have not really been studied).

Once when I was on a camping trip, we accidentally caught one of these in a net (we were holding it up in the air joking around about something - I don't remember what- and it just happened to fly into it). It was a smaller one, and that's definitely what started my love of bats (other than being goth).


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