Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bat Series: Evening Bat

The evening bat, or Nycticeius humeralis, is a very common bat in southeastern United States, parts of Canada, and even Mexico. Considered to be a "true forest bat", these bats are hardly ever found in caves, and primarily form colonies in hollowed out trees or loose bark (occasionally in a building). They weigh around 7-15 grams, and have a wingspan of around 11 inches. The bats have been known to migrate as far as 547 km during the winter, and store up extra fat for the trip (however the patterns of migration have not really been studied).

Once when I was on a camping trip, we accidentally caught one of these in a net (we were holding it up in the air joking around about something - I don't remember what- and it just happened to fly into it). It was a smaller one, and that's definitely what started my love of bats (other than being goth).


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bat Series: Hoary Bat

Lasiurus cinereus, or hoary bats, are one of America's largest species of bats, averaging anywhere from 5.1 to 5.7 inches (13 to 14.5 cm) long with a 15.5 inch (40 cm) wingspan. They get the name hoary bat, from the frost tipped appearance of their fur. The bats love to hide in the foliage, and tend to stay far away from human habitats. The bats can  cover as much as 24 miles foraging for food in a night, and they also migrate in patterns much the same as birds (even following the migratory patterns of some bird species). To me they look like cute, tiny wolves, with wings! So cute!


Friday, June 17, 2016

Nail Designs for June 2016

So, I don't usually paint my nails very often, as it's hard for them to dry completely without getting messed up (having a baby makes that so much worse). But I decided to try a design for my toe nails, and add a little paint to my fingers. Here is what I came up with:

Toe Nails
This design was based off of a photo I pinned on Pinterest. Here is the link:

Polishes Used:
• Base Coat (L.A. Colors)
• Rapid Dry Top Coat (L.A. Colors)
• Black (ICE)
• Silver Glitter (Hard Candy)
• White (L.A. Colors)
• Red (L.A. Colors)
• Black Striper (L.A. Colors - Art Decor)

Step 1 - Paint on the base coat over all toe nails. Once that dries, paint the little toe nails black, and big toe nails white. I put three coats on all nails.

Step 2 - Once those coats are completely dry, paint black stripes on big toe nails, and silver glittery on the second toe nails. I had to do four coats of the silver glitter (definitely would use a different polish for that next time - still didn't get the desired affect).

Step 3 - Once those coats are completely dry, paint red hearts over the stripes, use as many coats as you want to get your desired affect (I left them slightly transparent). After that is COMPLETELY DRY add the Rapid Dry top coat (this polish usually runs the colors together if the design isn't completely dry). 

Finger Nails

Polishes Used:
• Base Coat (L.A. Colors)
• Rapid Dry Top Coat (L.A. Colors)
• Black (ICE)
• AP Shimmer - A purply glittery, awesome color! (Blackheart Beauty - Hot Topic)

Paint on base coat. Once that's dry add black to whichever nails you want, and pick one nail to use the purple on. Go one coat at a time, allowing it to dry in between coats (this helps the nail polish set better - but of course I got impatient with mine). 
After all is good and dry, paint on the Rapid Dry top coat. 

Close up of the AP Shimmer - such a pretty color, this photo doesn't even do it justice! If you see it somewhere, I would definitely recommend buying it! :)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bat Series: Canyon Bats

The species Parastrellus hesperus, or canyon bat, is commonly found along the western coast of North America, from Mexico, up into California, to Washington, and in other random areas such as Southern Oklahoma. The species is called the canyon bat because the bats roost in small cracks and crevices amongst rocky formations. They are usually seen in areas of desert, woodlands, and shrublands, and it is said that they can even roost in burrows made by non-flying rodents.

According to the wikipedia page, these bats are most active in the hours of sunset and sunrise, and are less active during the overnight hours. Perhaps because they are so small? They also are known to hibernate when food is scarce and when the weather becomes too cold. They do not really migrate, and generally stay in their same area for most of their lives.

They're super cute!


Friday, June 10, 2016

My Beauty Pinterest Boards

I wanted to go ahead and share with you my two beauty Pinterest boards, one for makeup (including nail designs) and one for hair ideas. Feel free to take ideas, repin stuff, or follow me if you'd like! Here are the links:

Monday, June 6, 2016

Traveling with Baby

So, I believe I have posted about this before, but I wanted to do another version of this, since we have taken a longer trip together (and Lilith is older now).

I wanted to write about going on a trip with Lilith (and her cousin) that took over 14 hours in it's longest part. We went to South Dakota for my father's wedding, which was a 2 hour drive to OKC (where my sister's family lives), then a four hour drive to Kansas (where my Nana owns a motel), and finally a 14 hour (plus) drive to South Dakota where the wedding was (and where my father and his new wife live).  Then we had to do it all in reverse to get home. The main things I want to point out in this blog are the things that were helpful to keeping the babies satisfied for the trip, things we could have done better, and things you should keep in mind when planning a trip of this scale with babies in tow.

1. Things we did to help keep the babies satisfied for the trip:

  • An adult sat in the back with the babies for the whole trip (except when it was just me and Lilith driving to OKC) - this allowed problems the babies were experiencing, to be solved. 
  • We made sure to pack plenty of snacks - crackers, cheerios, and other similar items. 
  • We made sure to pack plenty of toys - small items that don't take up too much room in the carseat, and allow more variety to be packed. 
  • Stoping! - This was very important to keeping the kiddos happy. We stopped about every 2 hours (sometimes less or more, but average). Diaper changes, proper feedings, and just to stretch.. This was good for us adults too!

2. Things we could have done better:

  • Lining the carseats would have made cleaning up after the trip easier!
  • Bringing a portable movie player, would have been supppper helpful when the babies were just too cranky (they did pretty good, but towards the end of the day they would be super fussy)!
  • This one isn't our problem, but that of businesses... probably about 90% of places we stopped at, didn't have changing tables, so we had to change the babies on the floor or in the car. 
  • Bring plenty of baby powder! Lilith got a pretty bad diaper rash on the trip back, and this could have been avoided, had I brought baby powder (cornstarch based). (I didn't have a small enough bottle of it to pack, and the Auquiphor brand rash cream didn't help at all. Once we got home and I put the baby powder in her diaper, it cleared right up!)

3. Things you should keep in mind, when planning a similar trip:

  • Be sure you plan out plenty of time for stops, babies need to stop a lot, especially when they won't sleep in the car!
  • Be sure the vehicle you're taking can accommodate the amount of baby stuff you will need to bring (we rented a mid-size SUV for three adults and two babies). 
  • If there won't be an adult riding in the back with the baby(ies), definitely consider bringing a portable movie device to help occupy them!
  • Make sure you have plenty of snacks and diapers, or plenty of money to buy more!
  • Plan out well in advance!
Hope this is helpful to someone! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trip to South Dakota

For five days last week Lilith and I went on a trip with my sister's family to South Dakota for our biological father's wedding. It was a very long trip to take with two babies, but wasn't as bad as it could have been! We saw lots of beautiful country side, and got to witness our father's special day. His wife is super sweet, and we're glad that they're both going to be in our lives! Definitely worth the trip!

Here are some photos from the trip:

The babies asleep on the trip!

Lilith taking a nap before the wedding (she still fussed through it anyways. lol).

Me waiting to change for the wedding (I did my makeup early).

Lilith all ready for the wedding, watching Teen Titans Go! on CN. 

Right after the ceremony ended, Lilith fell asleep! lol. 

Lili posing with mama!

Silly mama!

Beautiful South Dakota!

My father and his new wife, with my sister, her daughter, Lilith, and I.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Bat Series: Vampire Bats

There are actually three species of vampire bats: Desmodus rotundus, Diphylla ecaudata, and Diaemus youngi. These species are all native to the Americas, mainly central and south (ex: Mexico, Argentina, etc.). Vampire bats front canine teeth are much larger than those of other bats, being made to puncture and tear flesh (to access blood), with smaller rear teeth. Vampire Bat colonies consist of females and offspring with resident males who are the mates (like a bat harem), with other males living in separate area. Vampire bats can only go a couple of days without feeding, and on occasion a bat who hasn't eaten will eat the regurgitated blood from a colony fellow who has fed. Often this sharing of meal is initiated by the bat that has fed. 

There are any number of other cool facts about vampire bats, but there's just too much to list here! Definitely check them out (if you haven't already)! :)



I have been on a very long hiatus, due to a number of different things... long story short, a hectic life... anyways, I plan on going back to blogging daily, and will hopefully get back on track! Wish me luck! :)