Monday, March 21, 2016

New Graco Car Seat

After we received our tax refund this year, we had plenty of extra funds from Lilith being born. She was slowly creeping towards 30" long, so it was definitely time to buy her a new car seat. Since we had a pretty much unlimited budget for this, we decided to go with the Graco 4ever Car Seat, since it adapts through all stages of child car safety. It was easy to install in my car, simply snapping onto the bars in the seat, like her old car seat's base. It's really well made, and looks really comfortable. Even though it's dark colored, it doesn't get too hot in the sun, which is good. She seems to really like it, and it's definitely way easier to carry her than carry her in her car seat. I would highly recommend this car seat to anyone. If you have $300, you could even buy this as a first carseat, as it seats a newborn 4 lbs and goes clear up to 110 lbs.

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