Monday, November 16, 2015

Going Shopping, Just Lilith and I

After I take my husband to work, sometimes I don’t want to go straight home. So, I’ll take Lilith and go shopping. Sometimes we go to the mall, and sometimes we just go grocery shopping. Each of these tasks requires a different set of equipment and skill. This post is informative for new moms, and could help you greatly if you are in my same situation (a “mostly” stay at home mom).

When we go grocery shopping I just take Lilith in her car seat (so far anyways), I place it on the cart, and we shop. I try to get a limited amount of food, usually just what I need. I’ll spend a lot of time looking at stuff, checking out new products, and getting ideas for different meals I can make. She doesn’t like the cart to be stopped for too long though, so we have to move a lot.  When we go to check out, the cashiers usually all come look at her, which is fun. Then we buy our stuff, I load the groceries in the car, then Lilith, and we go home. (Gotta carry her and everything in all at once).

When we go to the mall, however, this requires more equipment; we normally need a stroller (although next time we go, I'm taking her in carrier). It’s much easier to shop with Lilith in a stroller, she likes to be able to see out the front. I also bring her toys, because she needs something to stay occupied with while I'm looking at stuff. We usually stay at the mall longer, so I normally have to breastfeed while I’m there. The first time we went I took the nursing scarf, but she hates it, and it was a pain in the ass. So, now I just pop a boob out and feed her. 

We look around at a lot of stores and I’ll buy some stuff, but usually not a lot. It's more for fun, than just getting stuff; Which is why I try to have someone go with me, so it’ll be more fun. But we do tend to go by ourselves (at least its better to go with your baby than completely by yourself). At the mall too, everyone wants to come look at Lilith. She’s definitely a cutie who gets lots of attention everywhere we go. When we shop at the mall I don’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of heavy stuff, so it’s a bit more fun.

The first time you go shopping, just you and your baby, it'll seem rather difficult (if you're a first time mom, that is). Once you get the hang of it, however, it's a fun activity to kill some of your alone time! :)

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