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Haunted Forest Series: Hoia Baciu

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There is a forest located in Romania, called Hoia Baciu. The forest is located near the city of Cluj-Napoca, and spans 250 Hectares, or 2.5 km2. It is mainly used for recreational purposes, such as biking, airsoft, and other such sports. However, many people will not go there because of strange occurrences, especially near the round meadow, which is said to be the epicenter of said occurrences. These strange occurrences include reports of the paranormal, as well as, sightings of UFOs.

In 1960, Alexandru Sift, a professor of biology, began studying the phenomena of light and magnetism, which occur in the forest. This study yielded a rich archive of photographs of the phenomena, which were lost several days after Sift's death in 1993. However, a few remaining photographs were published in 1995 in the book Fenomenele de la Pădure Hoia-Baciu by Adrian Pătruț, a friend of Sift. Pătruț continued Sift's research, and claims that the strange phenomena have a scientific basis, which has yet to be sufficiently understood.

The phenomena they are referring to are the balls of light, which can be seen in the forest at night, as well as, large lights floating over the forest (UFOs?). Many people believe these small lights to be spirits, and not a phenomenon of nature. They give off little to no heat signature when viewed on a thermal camera. The magnetism, which has been studied inside the forest, causes electrical devices and compasses to go haywire inside the forest, furthering the eeriness of the forest itself.

Some people even call the forest “the Bermuda Triangle of Romania”. There is another reason for this nickname, which is supposedly the reason the forest gained its original name, Hoia Baciu. It is said that a shepherd (whose name was Hoia Baciu) went missing inside the forest, along with 200 or so sheep. They just vanished… into thin air… much like planes and ships inside the Bermuda Triangle. Pretty creepy!

The other phenomena described inside the forest are the sightings of UFOs. On August 18, 1968, a military technician named Emil Barnea captured a famous photograph of a saucer flying over the Hoia-Baciu Forest. And he’s not the only one who’s captured a photo of a flying object above the forest. Many people claim to have witnessed UFOs over the forest, especially near the round meadow (especially during the 1970s). Which in itself is an entirely creepy place.

The round meadow (Poiana Rotundă), is, as it’s name suggests, round; almost completely so. No trees grow in this clearing, or any other vegetation, other than the short grass. On either Destination Truth or Ghost Adventures, one of the hosts, has some of the soil tested to see why nothing grows there. The scientist, who examines the soil, says that there is an unknown compound found in the soil, something he cannot place. Also on an episode of Destination Truth (I think in the third season), one of the team members is sitting in the clearing, with a camera pointed on him, quite clearly visible. And suddenly he flies backwards off camera. Everyone freaks out of course, and runs to see if he is all right. He feels ill and has scratches on his body (something that is widely reported by people who visit the forest). Although, the production team could have engineered this, I have known Destination Truth to go on trips and find nothing out of the ordinary. So, I am inclined to believe that the footage is genuine. (See link to clip below).

Here is a video clip of the man flying backwards (someone’s recording of their TV – we’ll see how long it’s on Youtube. Lol):

Link to 2nd episode they go back to the forest:


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