Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall 2015 Thrifting Haul

Not a very large haul, but just a few items I found at some local thrift stores.

~Striped Maxi Dress – I know it’s getting colder, but I’ve really been wanting one of these!

~Black Leggings with Pleather Sides – Super cute for post apocalyptic or grunge outfits!

~Grey Pants – Good for everyday lazy outfits!

~Grey Shirt with “Cardigan” – Warm but not too warm, good for nursing!

~Black and White Chevron Patterned Shirt – Chic, with a Goth flair.

~Grey Tank Top – Cute to go under a cardigan, also good for nursing!

~Black “Vest Cardigan Thingy” – Cute to go over a turtleneck/long sleeve shirt.

~Boots – Kind of chic AND pirate-y!

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